Virgil Herring uses the most state-of-the art training system in golf instruction today in the Trackman system. This system is used by USGA, PGA Tour, R & A as well as touring professionals, equipment manufacturers, coaches, club fitters and broadcast media. It enables you and Virgil to fine tune your swing to be the best it can be.

The Trackman monitors the many aspects of your swing including club face angle, loft angle, swing speed, ball and club speed, launch angle, spin rates, carry distance and many other details that Virgil can use to help you improve your swing, your game and your knowledge of what your swing needs in order to be as successful as possible.

Virgil’s teaching skills combined with the Trackman’s technology can give you a marked advantage over the competition.

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PGA Tour players like Tiger Woods utilize Trackman technology to optimize their game. Watch the video below where Tiger Woods is interviewed about what he learned concerning his swing and how he was able to improve it with the assistance of the Trackman system. If a professional on the level of Tiger Woods who already had a world-class golf swing can improve his swing with the Trackman, just imagine what it can do for your swing!

Justin Rose (above) talking about Trackman and learning new things about his golf swing in spite of playing golf and professional golf for a number of years. For more information on how PGA Tour players are using Trackman technology, click here to read a report provided by Call (615) 579-5190 to schedule a lesson with Virgil.