To contact Virgil by email, click here. Virgil is at The Ensworth Golf Performance Center: You can schedule a lesson with him by calling (615) 579-5190 or by clicking here.

Golf Lessons with PGA Professional Virgil Herring

Virgil Herring has instructed Masters participants, PGA Tour players, LPGA Tour players, and champion college golfers.

Do you want to golf like the greats? It starts with learning the keys to a great golf swing that you can repeat on the course. If you want to hit longer, straighter shots, contact Virgil today to schedule a golf lesson. Don’t let your potential be wasted!

To schedule a golf lesson with Virgil Herring, call (615) 579-5190. All certificates are valid one year from the date of purchase. If the price has changed after one year, the student will pay the difference for a lesson.

*You are buying hours of time that may be used in 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals. Lessons at either the indoor facility at the Ensworth School or at the driving range at Harpeth Valley Golf Center.